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The prefix Ayr-Ouelle came to life in 1984 following the purchase of the farm by Roger Richard and Thérèse Lizotte. Each day, a love for their work, their family, and their cows is what motivated this family of 5 children: André, Marc, Caroline, Guylène, and Marie-Pier. Every family member contributed in their own way to the business activities. In 2000, André acquired shares in the business, and they bought the neighbouring farm. Over the following years, they acquired more land and changes were made to their forage harvesting method to improve efficiency. In 2011, André became the sole owner of the business. Nowadays, Roger and Thérèse continue to remain active in the business, providing valuable assistance. Nathalie, André’s spouse, works off the farm, but also gives a hand whenever possible. They currently have one child, Léo, and are expecting a baby boy in the month of May.

At the farm, their breeding philosophy translates into using sires originating from the best cow families and demonstrating exceptional traits with regard to conformation, milk production and components, and longevity, for the purpose of breeding highly-productive and long-lasting cows in the herd. Since their cows have access to pastures, they must be efficient and have great feet and legs. André also wishes to improve the herd by developing two new cow families, through embryo purchases, hence: Faucher R One and Only-ET VG88, grand-daughter of Faucher Loto Opa EX96 4E 7*, and Forever Schoon Show Off-ET, daughter of Forever Schoon Perfecta EX96 2E. These animals correspond exactly to their business philosophy.

The current production is 8,298 kg, with a herd classification­­­­­­ of 2 Multiple EX, 1 EX, 18 VG, and 12 GP.

Special attention is also paid to forage quality, to make it as tasty as possible. Their forage is composed, mainly, of grasses. 

The Barbara Family particularly stands out; the majority of the herd effectively stems from Ayr-Ouelle Jewel Barbara 3 VG86 2*. This cow and her descendants undoubtedly contributed many points in the awarding of this Master Breeder title. Her two daughters, Ayr-Ouelle Coronation Barbara 5 EX 2E 1*, who produced more than 70,000 kg, and Ayr-Ouelle Cornelius Barbara 6 VG85, both contributed animals of importance in terms of breeding and production. Examples of these are Ayr-Ouelle Barbara 8 EX94 8E 2* and her daughter Ayr-Ouelle Calimero Barbara 22 EX 92 4E, Grand Champion at the St-Pascal Show and the Montmagny Provincial Show in 2013 and 2nd in the Mature Cow class at the 2013 RAWF.

Ayr-Ouelle Machine Nancy VG86 1*, the grand-daughter of Hammonds Sunbeam’s Gracie, from the Brush Ayr Gracious Family, with a lifetime production of more than 60,000 kg, also has many descendants in the herd.

The Farm participated in its first show in 1984 and has been very involved, ever since, at their local St-Pascal Show and the Montmagny Show, as well as at the provincial shows, the RAWF, and the World Dairy Expo in Madison. Notably, Ayr-Ouelle Cap Primerose VG85 distinguished herself in the show rings by winning Junior Champion in Québec and 1st Intermediate Yearling in Madison. 

Ayrshire Canada offers its most sincere congratulations to Ferme AYR-OUELLE for its Master Breeder Award.



The De La Tour prefix was officially created in the early 1980s, but it was only by the end of the 1990s that the herd became predominantly composed of purebred animals. Berthier and Madone were the instigators behind the arrival of Ayrshires amidst the mixed Holstein herd. The breed’s rustic character and average stature were the main attractive features that triggered this change. Alain joined the business after completing his collegial studies in 2005 and later purchased shares in 2012, thus becoming the 4th generation to own this farm.

Alain is the crops and barn manager, his main passion being genetics. Madone takes care of the administration and farm work, while Berthier is responsible for the machinery.

The Farm displays the following classification: 1 EX, 13 VG, 21 GP, and 10 G; the production average hovers around 8,000 kg, with about forty cows in milk.

In 2012, a business decision was made to rebuild the barn to improve the comfort of both the cows and the owners. Cows have remained in tie-stalls, but heifers are now in free-stalls, still within the same building.

Ayrshire cows are appreciated for the quality of their udders and legs, and of their milk. Their sought-after cow features a moderate size, remarkable legs, and excellent health traits. Temperament also constitutes, in their opinion, one of the most important traits, because however good and pretty a cow may be, she must also be pleasant to be around.

A unique feature to the De La Tour herd is the fact that no less than 8 cow families helped them win this Master Breeder Award. Out of these, the De l’érable Nuisance’s descendants, mainly De la tour Cornélius Hélice VG 88 and De la tour T-Bruno Bamby EX 90, contributed more than 30% of the points. The descendants of Du grand Rang Mistral Zone and of De la tour Attraction Jojo and her daughters, namely De la tour Potter Riki EX 91 3E, also provided more than 30% of the points.

This herd is the result of many bloodlines coming together. Their original brood cows still have some representatives. The remainder originates, for the most part, from a few cows they purchased from neighbouring farms. Embryo transfers are used, but only every 2 or 3 years. The Rimouski Regional Show is the only show they take part to, more for the social aspect than the competition itself. Two of their bulls have also been acquired by the CIAQ.

This Award is a source of great pride for them, since their herd is relatively young – about 25 years old – and they already have 8 brood cows to their name. It is every breeder’s goal to receive this title, which attests to the quality of their choices. It is their sustained efforts on genetics that have made possible for them the acquisition of this Master Breeder Award, since no elite animal was ever purchased and since it took a few generations for the cows they had purchased to achieve their desired outcomes.

They wish to continue their balanced breeding to obtain productive animals, capable of producing over a long period of time while maintaining good health, and, above all, to produce milk of the highest quality featuring good components.


Ayrshire Canada offers its most sincere congratulations to Ferme DE LA TOUR for its Master Breeder Award. 


In the Ayrshire breed, the VISSERDALE prefix is synonymous with quality and excellence in breeding. It is therefore not surprising to see this herd earn, for the second time, the Master Breeder Award.

Originally from Holland, the Vissers began farming in Portland, Ontario in 1954. Ayrshire cows were present in the business from the beginning and always remained thereafter, and the Visser Family has always enjoyed working with this breed.

Todd and his father, Ron, are the current owners of Visserdale Farms Ltd. and Todd represents the third generation operating this business. The herd is composed of 142 heads of cattle, of which 64 are cows in milk. The production average hovers at around 7,500 kg of milk, with excellent components of 4.36% fat and 3.46% protein. In terms of classification, the herd presents 4 EX 2E, 3 EX, 28 VG, 26 GP, and 13 G.

Right from the beginning, the people at VISSERDALE have always favoured breeding complete cows who demonstrate a good balance between production and conformation. They also aim for breeding solid cows who will last over time in their herd. This philosophy will continue in the future as they also plan to increasingly produce animals displaying superior genomic values.

The two animals who contributed the most to obtaining this title are: Visserdale Sally 2 ET VG-89, with a lifetime production 72,368 kg of milk, and Visserdale Sylvia ET VG, who presents a total production of 85,211 kg of milk. Other important animals are Visserdale Midas Julia 3 VG 4* and Visserdale Tor Starlette ET VG-88 2*. Currently, the best cow in the herd is Visserdale Selena 3 EX-*ELITE*; this remarkable Kamouraska Rockstar daughter won in 2014 the Wes McConnell Trophy, awarded to the cow with the highest composite BCA.

Because the Vissers like to consign top animals at major sales events, Visserdale Selena 6 ET, the daughter of Selena 3 and Palmyra Tri-Star Reality, obtained the highest price at the 2014 Elite Sale, that being $8,200. Many embryos from the VISSERDALE Herd have been sold in various countries around the world, particularly in Denmark, Colombia, Finland, Sweden, the United-States, the United-Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

Todd has been involved in the breed as a member of the Breed Improvement Committee for 17 years. His father, Ron, was also involved, as director and president of the Leeds-Lanark Ayrshire Club for more than thirty years.

For Todd and Ron Visser, receiving the Master Breeder Award is an enormous source of pride and a great success, one they would compare to winning a major sporting championship. This is a source of motivation to continue getting better and developing further their breeding expertise.

The Ayrshire Breeders’ Association of Canada is pleased to present this Master Breeder Award to VISSERDALE FARMS LTD. Our sincere congratulations!


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