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The Dale Vista prefix began in 1980 when Harris Shufelt registered his first Ayrshires. The Ayrshire breed was however not new to him, having grown up with them on his father’s and uncle’s farms. Harris returned to breeding Ayrshires due to his passion for the shows. He is a visionary, a risk taker and, like all dairy farmers, has a deep love of the land and animals. He has passed these qualities on to his children. His wish has always been for his children to carry on to be the 5th generation on the Shufelt farm.

His son Kevin returned to the farm after university in 1996. He had new ideas and was motivated to increase the farm’s profitability. With the two partners on a full time basis, more was accomplished. Emphasis was put on production through improved feeding and herd management.

Andrew returned to the farm in 2002 on a part time basis while also working part time as a feed representative for the local cooperative. His passion for the Ayrshire breed brought more emphasis on complementary genetic crosses. He started working full time in 2007 as the herdsman and was an official full partner in 2012. Andrew and his wife, Martine, share Harris’ passion for showing cattle. They enjoy it as a challenge, as well as a family activity.

Selection at Dale Vista, as is on most contemporary farms, is made on productivity and health. The cows are fed a high corn silage diet which allows for high production of total solids. Cows must produce well, maintain proper body condition and have low somatic cells to remain in the herd. This selection process has made the herd competitive in today’s market.

The herd averages roughly 8,500 kg (per 305 days) of milk at 4.2% fat and 3.55% protein. The dairy farm consists 300 acres (200 tillable) and a total of a 135 head with 60-66 milking. The three partners also own a 500-acre (300 tillable) farm 45 km away. Most of this land is cash cropped with some forage grown. This is also where Kevin has his winery, “Pigeon Hill”.

Dale Vista is very proud of our first Master Breeder title and we will strive to breed highly profitable Ayrshires for future generations… whatever their needs may be!




Looking back to 1873, we find the purchase of a tract of land near Island Brook in the Township of Newport, Quebec by John Burns. Subsequent generations included Frederick, Hollis, Fred and now Neil and his wife, Marlene. Purebred Ayrshires arrived on the farm in 1927 when Hollis purchased his first and, since then, their owners have never regretted his decision to invest in the breed.

When Neil assumed ownership of the herd in 1992, he was fortunate that his Dad had a clear view and the ability to breed the type of cattle that were productive and had very correct conformation, which provided a solid foundation. Today’s vision is to continue to breed cows which combine high production, high classification scores, and, especially, longevity. Presently, the herd classification stands at 6 EX, 21 VG, and 8 GP, with a production average of almost 9,000 kg.

Today, the herd is respected by many for its uniformity and its combination of both type and production. Cow families with deep pedigrees have always been important to the Burns and the D’s are the most predominant. Wilton Dixie EX-2E, who was a finalist in the 2017 Quebec Dream Ayrshire Contest, and her sister Trident Dawn EX-91 4E both contributed greatly to the herd achieving this second Master Breeder title. In her lifetime, Dixie produced over 118,000 kg in 10 lactations and her three daughters in milk are all VG with high records. At the same time, Dawn produced over 80,000 kg in 8 lactations and her 6 classified daughters included 4 VG’s.  Naturally, both of these cows have many descendants in the herd, such as Oblique Desire EX-91 2E and Oblique Dana EX, each with 4 lactations totaling over 40,000 kg. Other individuals which have also impacted the herd are Landscape Britta EX-3E, who surpassed 13,000 kg on her most recent lactation, and Pardner Xclaim EX-3E, who is now on her 9th lactation. It is interesting to note that over half the accumulated points were based on lifetime production.

Neil and Marlene are the proud parents of two sons who are both interested in farming and excel at achieving any goals that they set for themselves. 2018 promises to be a year of exciting changes for the Burns Family. With both Matthew and Cameron having completed their studies in the Farm Management and Technology Program at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University, plans are underway to integrate Matthew in the home farm and to establish Cameron on the farm of Marlene’s family. With the obvious ambition we see, there is no doubt that Island Brook Ayrshires will be aiming for their 3rd Master Breeder title in the future.

Ayrshire Canada is pleased to present this Master Breeder Award to Island Brook Ayrshires

Our sincere congratulations!

Kellcrest, one of the most recognized prefix in the Ayrshire World, has won its 4th Master Breeder Award.

Synonymous with production, longevity, conformation and, especially, some of the best cow families ever known in Ayrshire history, like the most renowned one: Kellcrest Happy Spirit EX-93-8E 9* who produced nearly 140,000 kg in her lifetime.

The McKells of Tullochgorum Road are from Howick, QC.

The first generation was Whiteford and Jennie McKell and family who purchased the farm in the 30’s and started the Kellcrest prefix. Allan, 2nd generation, joined the operation in 1971 and his brother Danny, in 1981.

Now the 3rd generation and 4th generation are operating the farms. Kevin and Christina, with 4 children, are taking over with new challenges, trying to find more choices to breed for their type of animals and also new ideas, including a new robot barn and calf facilities for 2018.

Kellcrest has their genetics in every country in the world that has Ayrshire cattle, with the sale of animals, embryos, and semen. The latest venture was selling a bull to Russia for their breeding program.

How the McKells have won so many escalades, they think, is that in the past their father Whiteford did not like the low-set Scottish-type cow that a few breeders were importing and then selling their bulls. So he went to the USA to purchase bulls from some of their best cow families available. This resulted in extremely tall, deep-bodied, dairy animals with the ability to milk. Allan and Danny continued this breeding philosophy by not listening to a few people who think that their judgement is best for your herd.

By using their own ideas, Kellcrest has won more production and lifetime awards than any Ayrshire herd in Canada. Over the years, they have proven more bulls from their cow families than any other breeders as well.

They have also had lots of fun and excitement at the shows by having champions at local shows as well as Expo-Québec, Spring Show, RAWF, and Madison. By promoting the Ayrshire breed at the shows with their kiosque and head board, they met and became friends with many interested breeders from all over the world.

Listing the amount of awards Kellcrest has won and naming some of their famous cows and bulls would take just a little too long to mention here tonight.

The number of points accumulated for this year’s award was spectacular. Cows like Kellcrest Casper EX-92-7E 9*, Kellcrest Shakira EX-91-4E 5*, Kellcrest Fenella EX-92-7E 2*, Kellcrest Miracle EX-4E 2*, Kellcrest Happy EX-94-2E 8*, Kellcrest Porsche EX-2E 4*, and Kellcrest Tia EX-91-5E 5* highly contributed to obtain the title. That really shows the great depth of this tremendous breeding faculty. 85% of the points came from North American genetics animals.   Kellcrest has really accomplished this achievement by doing it their way.

Ayrshire Canada sincerely congratulates the McKell Family from Kellcrest Farms Ltd for their 4th Master Breeder Award.





The farm began in 1913, with my grand-father, George Larocque. I, Claude, bought the farm from my father, Elzéar, in 1981. At that time, the herd was made of 45 crossbred Ayrshires. In 1989, my wife, Andrée Chicoine, joined the business as partner. The farm is now at its 4th generation, with the arrival in 2018 of my children Joanie and Alexandre as partners. The herd is now composed of 75 cows in milk, for a total of 145 head of purebred Ayrshire cattle. 

In 2012, several improvements were made to the cow barn, including an extension comprised of heifer stalls. We own 90 hectares of land that are 100% drained. This allows us to be self-sufficient.

The classification of the herd is as follows: 5 Excellent, 35 Very Good, 40 Good Plus, and 7 Good. The current production is 9,016 kg of milk, with a BCA of 264-274-276.

To enhance the herd performance, we collect embryos from our best cows, such as: Laroc Oblique Fanie VG-87 2*, who has 2 sons at Semex (Laroc Equinox and Laroc Faby); Laroc Prédator Contess ex-91, dam of Laroc Maxxum at Semex, as well as Laroc Oreo Mode VG-89, 1st 2 Yr Old Junior, Best Udder, and Honorable Mention at the St-Hyacinthe Expo in 2016 and Grand Champion at the 2016 and 2017 Brome Fair.

We wish to thank Mr. Yves Charpentier, from Ayrshire Canada, for his valuable advice over the years.

Here are some of the cows that have contributed to this Master Breeder Award: Laroc Burdette Mylla, VG-87 12,085 kg 4.2% f 3.3% p 339-344-337; Laroc Oréo Merlie, GP-84-2-10 11,234 kg 4.8% f 3.5% p 334-384-355; Laroc Nor Daisy, EX-5.0 10,987 kg 4.0% f 3.2% p 289-280-278; Laroc Jumper Fiona, VG-2-1 9,851 kg 3.5% f 3.2% p  326-288-316; Laroc Peterslund Fancy, VG-88 3* 2-11 10,322 kg 4.1% f 3.3% p 304-304-307 (Her son, Laroc Oreo, is at Semex); Laroc Pardner Miche VG, who has produced more than 70, 000 kg of milk in her lifetime; Laroc Joy Danouk VG-87 1*, with more than 77,000 kg in her lifetime; and, finally, Laroc Peterslund Régale GP-83 1*, showing a lifetime production of more than 80,000 kg.

On January 1st, 2018, my other son Mathieu and I purchased a neighbour’s quota, with the barn rental, and the herd composed of 100 purebred head of cattle, including 60 cows in milk.

Over all of these years, we have received much support and help from our 4 children. Mathieu completed studies (DVS) in Dairy Production, Joanie earned a diploma in Farm Management, Émilie graduated as Administrative Assistant, and Alexandre, finally, also obtained a diploma (DVS) in Dairy Production.

In the future, we wish to continue improving both our herd’s production and conformation as well as continue taking part in exhibitions. We will also, obviously, be striving for a second Master Breeder title.

Ayrshire Canada is proud to present this Master Breeder Award to Ferme Claude Larocque Inc.

Sincere congratulations.

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